Surviving the Watercooler after the Super Bowl 48

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The post I made breaking down the two conference championship games for easy Monday morning work place discussion is my most viewed post and I received several compliments on it. It seems only natural I follow it up with a similar overview of the 48th super bowl.

Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos

Quick Primer: All in all this was an incredibly boring game. Seattle took the lead on a mistake by Denver on the first play of the game and never looked back. By half time announcers were trying to give the viewers a reason to stay, and by the fourth quarter you could practically hear TVs clicking to different channels all over the country. Seattle’s won all three phases of the game, offense, defense, and special teams. It was such a lopsided game, I’m certain you’ll hear conspiracy theories over the next week about Denver throwing the game on purpose. Seattle 43 Denver 8.

Useful Saying: “The old cliche about defense winning championships is proven once again”

Response if someone else says that: “This was the first time the league’s top ranked defense(Seattle) faced the league’s top ranked offense(Denver) in the super bowl. In games the number one defense plays in the super bowl, that team is now 10-1. It’s tough to argue with that success”

Useful Saying: “Payton Manning just can’t win in the postseason”

Response if someone else says that: “Tough to blame Payton for this one. He completed 34/49 passes. The issue was the offensive line. Seattle was in Payton’s face the whole game and tipped balls at the line of scrimmage were obviously responsible for the interception returned for the touchdown and the failed 4th down attempt at the end of the first half. Did Payton have a great game? Absolutely not, especially considering people were saying that if he won this game he’d cement his legacy as one of the top five QBs of all time. Did Payton lose the game for his team? Also Absolutely not, this was systemic failure at every level of the game for the Broncos.”

Not Actually Useful Saying But Something You’ll Hear: “Seattle could really have a dynasty on their hands here”

Response if someone else says that: “Settle down. They’ve won one title. Their rookie quarterback has a tiny contract and will rightfully demand to get paid much more when that expires. There is no way Seattle can stay under the salary cap and keep all of the skill position players on defense that make up this championship unit. They had a narrow window to win a championship in and they pulled it off. Full credit should go to them for that, but we’re looking at a team that managed to pick up great players cheaply and that won’t last.”

A few last notes I don’t have clever phrasing for:

-Seattle’s coach Pete Carroll becomes the third person to ever win a college and pro football championship as a coach.

-Malcolm Smith is only the third linebacker in NFL history to win a super bowl MVP. It is rare to see it go to a defensive player at all, but if any group deserved it, this one did.

-The Broncos do have the record for worst loss in super bowl history when they lost 55-10 to the 49ers in 1990. For a while during this game it looked like they might break that.

This is the way the NFL season ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

I will have one more NFL blog post because I want to address these recent talks about the NFL’s non profit status and, even though I’m several months late, weigh in on the name ‘Redskins’. Stay tuned for those, but for now questions, comments, and concerns are welcome. Answers are guaranteed.


4 thoughts on “Surviving the Watercooler after the Super Bowl 48

    Natalie said:
    February 3, 2014 at 4:49 am

    Yes I was wondering which was your favorite superbowl ad. This is of vital importance.

      Reed Perkins responded:
      February 3, 2014 at 5:28 am

      Honestly nothing really jumped out at me this year. I do want to know if the add with the woman quitting her job to start a puppet company was real; if it was then that was my favorite. The puppy licking the horse’s nose was cute. The GoldieBlox add was excellent for many reasons. The two part Colbert add with Pistachios gave me my biggest laugh of the evening. I just feel bad for any company that bought add space in the second half though because even my attention was wavering pretty hard.

        Natalie said:
        February 3, 2014 at 6:07 am

        Yeah I pretty much stopped paying attention at that point too, at least until Kingsley and Hiddleston came on the screen.

        Reed Perkins responded:
        February 3, 2014 at 6:37 pm

        Special credit does have to go to Coke for their multilingual America the Beautiful ensuring their name would get circulated. I think it’s also the first commercial I can remember depicting an interracial gay couple with an adopted child and the controversy has nothing to do with that.

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