We Have a Facebook Page Now!

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Good morning loyal readers. I assure you I will still be writing content for this blog, but increasingly I had found myself doing shorter analysis and posting it to facebook. It turns out not every issue requires 1,000 words to break down. To help consolidate everything and make it more easily shareable, I’ve started a facebook page. You can find us at www.facebook.com/ReedingTheNews.

No, I won’t apologize for the pun in the title. All my life I’ve had to deal with never finding my name on souvenir license plate racks, so the world can deal with me using it for branding.

I encourage you to give us a like and a follow there if you want more data driven current events analysis in your life.

I’d also like to repeat an offer I made earlier this year. If you have experience or a unique angle on a topic you think would be appropriate here, please feel free to contact me. I’m happy to share this space with other people looking for their voice in our modern times. I already have one person who has expressed interest in joining me on the facebook page to do specific bill analysis. Similarly if you have an issue you would like to see covered here more, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.

I hope you have a great Monday and I look forward to exploring this new tool that should help us have an even better, more informed, and complete dialogue about politics.


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